German B1 Level

Job interviews, holidays, dating, culture, news and sharing opinions
+ Goethe Based Exam Preparation

German B1 Level

Job interviews, holidays, dating, culture, news and sharing opinions + Goethe Based Exam Preparation

At the end of this level, you can understand the main points of clear standard language on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, school, leisure, etc. You can deal with most situations likely to arise whilst travelling in an area where the language is spoken.

You can produce simple, connected text on topics which are familiar or of personal interest. You can describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes and ambitions, and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.

Level B1 is a level where students are supposed to use the Language independently. Students who are pursuing B1 level are able to handle the situations encountered in travelling and living in Germany with ease. It is expected that after completing B1 German language courses, one is able to express common topics, areas of personal interest, ideas, experiences, dreams, hopes and goals coherently. This level is considered as equivalent to the basic of the moderate/ second Level German Language Course.

Course Content

Talk about likes and dis-likes, Understand and conduct a conversation with travel agency, understand hotel description and write comments, write a story, understand announcements, understand a blog entry.

Gute Reise!

Talking about purchasing decisions, complain in German, Understanding information about new technology, talk about advertising

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Alles neu!

understand texts about turning points in life, speak about the past, about quotes, understand a radio broadcast, write a tip, information about historical events.

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Having conversations at work, Expressing unreal things apologize, to respond to excuses, Understand application tips speak about applications, ask for information on the phone, Give information, structure a text, Exchange tips.

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Discussion on environmental protection, compare and justify.

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speak about resolutions, understand a newspaper long text, write about your own city, understand a song, talk about favourite songs.

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Blick nach vorn

understand a forum report, understand and express temporal sequences, understand a chat, to talk about conflicts, write a comment on the topic of arguments, Conduct conflict talks assign information to short texts, Introduce celebrities, read a text.

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Offer help, accept, reject, Understanding a discussion on radio, Find out information in a newspaper article

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Von Kopf bis Fuß

Find main information in newspaper texts, to deny something, talk about pictures Strengthen / weaken statements, understand an interview with a director, talk about films, understand a folk song and talk about it.

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Understand and talk about texts about social engagement, describe processes, understand a newspaper article, Describe projects and processes, speak about projects understand information about the EU, give a short presentation

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Understand forum comments, Talking about city / land, Understand important information, Understand city rankings, transportation service in city

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Vom Leben in Städten

find information in a promotional text, Understand and hold conversations in the bank, Understand Notes, Understand arguments, describe people/things and situations in more detail to discuss behaviour, write a question of conscience, understand an informative text, report something earlier

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Geld reagiert die Welt

Teacher Profile

10+ year Experience in German

Bhumi Shah

Master in German

Quality comes with experience. I don't compromise with quality of my teaching. I have 10 years experience of teaching German. Learning with fun and speaking correct is my motto. I have 100% results till date. By teaching all types of age groups, professionals and different levels I have gathered experience of simplifying language to your level of understanding. Learning a foreign language through audio visual methods is worth experiencing.