German A2 Level

Greeting people, jobs, numbers, colours, objects, food & drinks
and basic grammar + Goethe Based Exam preparation

German A2 Level

Greeting people, jobs, numbers, colours, objects, food & drinks and basic grammar + Goethe Based Exam preparation

When you successfully complete this level, you are able to understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance (e.g. very basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography, employment).

You can communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a basic and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters. You can describe aspects of your background, immediate environment, and needs in simple terms.

In this level termed as A2, participants can comprehend and respond to sentences and commonly used expressions associated with topics like personal information or information about his/her family, shopping, work, immediate surroundings and many such common topics. A2 is also an elementary level German for beginners.

Course Content

Understanding information about others, talking about food and eating habits, understand and rebuild a picture story, to justify something, talking about feelings, express presumptions, going to a new restaurant, learning through different senses.

Rund ums Essen

Understanding reports about school time, talking and writing comments about own school time, to describe “where is what?”, giving and understanding tips about city, understanding School system, speaking about different school types.

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Nach der Schulzeit

Talking about advantages and disadvantages of Media in everyday life, comparison, expressing one’s opinion, talk about preferences, talking about movies, understanding comments and complements about a film, writing comments.

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Medien im Alltag

Expressing good wishes and replying to wishes, talking about feelings, talking understanding and explaining about festivals, express happiness and regrets, writing about a city, reading and understanding blogs.

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Große und kleine Gefühle

Conversation at a railway ticket counter, talking about leisure time facilities, withdrawing information from Texts, talking about dream job, formal telephonic conversation, understanding Topic: Workplace.

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Was machen Sie beruflich?

Enquire about information, to express uncertainty, explaining and describing directions, understanding a newspaper article, talking about the way to job, understanding information about a tour.

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Ganz schön mobil

Understanding and describing learning problems, giving and understanding tips/ suggestions, understanding the reports about a day of a professional, understanding a running radio commentary, making presentation.

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Gelernt ist gelernt!

Expressing enthusiasm, hopes and disappointments; writing and understanding complements from fans, to frame consequences, to fix an appointment, understanding difficult texts, knowing a place.

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Sportlich, sportlich!

To raise a complain, to apologize and to relent, to request for something, understanding one’s experience reports, to report about past, talking about pets, writing and correcting a story.

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Zusammen leben

Talking about music styles, buying concert tickets, introduce a musician/music band, understanding newspaper reports, giving exact information to someone, understanding information about paintings, understanding picture description, describing a picture.

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Gute Unterhaltung!

Talking about wishes, expressing desires, giving advises, plan something together, asking detailed questions, exchange information, talking about proverbs, writing story.

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Wie die Zeit vergeht!

Understanding information about different cultures, talking about behavior, expressing intensions, use most suitable salutation, giving close information, talking about stereotype/ cliché, researching on cliché and talking about them.

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Typische oder?

Teacher Profile

10+ year Experience in German

Bhumi Shah

Master in German

Quality comes with experience. I don't compromise with quality of my teaching. I have 10 years experience of teaching German. Learning with fun and speaking correct is my motto. I have 100% results till date. By teaching all types of age groups, professionals and different levels I have gathered experience of simplifying language to your level of understanding. Learning a foreign language through audio visual methods is worth experiencing.