German A1 Level

Greeting people, jobs, numbers, colours, objects, food & drinks
and basic grammar + Goethe Based Exam preparation

German A1 Level

Greeting people, jobs, numbers, colours, objects, food & drinks and basic grammar + Goethe Based Exam preparation

It is commonly termed as Level A1 and is generally German for beginners. Here the students are expected to understand and use expressions and very simple sentences of day –to –day language, which relate to the satisfying of concrete needs.

Student can introduce self and others as well as ask others about themselves – e.g. where they live, who they know and what they own – and can respond to questions of this nature. In this elementary level of German Language Course, students can communicate in a simple manner if the person they are speaking to speaks slowly and clearly and is willing to help. After the successful completion of course you will be able to speak, write and read German with great ease.

Course Content

Greetings and good byes, self introduction and introducing others, numbers and alphabet, giving and asking for personal information i.e. email address, contact numbers, nationality, countries and languages.

Guten Tag!

Talking about hobbies and free time activities, set up a date, talking about job, working hours and professions, weekdays, months and seasons, making an online profile.

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Freunde, Kollegen und Ich

Naming the places and famous monuments in a city, asking yes/no questions about places, Mode of transportation, asking about way and also explaining the way to someone, understand the text with international words, Articles.

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In der Stadt

Talking about food and eating habits in German Speaking countries, planning a shopping, conversation while having meals, understanding texts with W-questions, learning through arranging words.

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Guten Appetit

Talking about daily routine, timings and timetable, fix a meeting with friends, to excuse oneself for being late, to fix an appointment on phone.

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Tag für Tag

Planning something in group, talking about birthdays, writing and understanding an invitation, placing order in a restaurant and paying bill, talking about an incident, reading and understanding a text, understanding radio conversations.

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Zeit mit Freunden

Talking about meetings, giving and understanding instructions, understanding letters answering them, talking about “How do I learn language?” , reading and understanding texts.

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Reading and understanding advertisements about houses, describing an apartment or a house, planning of home furniture, writing a reply to an invitation, expressions about liking and disliking things, talking about different types of houses, writing a text about a house, describing own house(rooms, colors, furniture, adjectives)

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Meine Wohnung

Describing one’s routine in detail, talking about past, understanding Job related advertisements, expressing opinions about jobs, understanding blogs about professionals, to prepare a telephonic conversation, making phone calls and ask questions, talking about jobs.

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Alles Arbeit?

Talking about clothes and fashion, going for shopping in a shopping centre, researching and understanding about Berlin.

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Kleidung und mode

To provide personal information, body parts, understanding and doing exercises, conversation with a doctor, giving/understanding instructions, giving/understanding health tips, developing new words.

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Gesund und Munter

Understanding suggestions of a city tour, describing way, writing a postcard, describing weather, understanding travel blogs or reports, reserving a room in hotel, complaining about problems in a hotel, talking about travel destinations.

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Ab in den Urlaub

Teacher Profile

10+ year Experience in German

Bhumi Shah

Master in German

Quality comes with experience. I don't compromise with quality of my teaching. I have 10 years experience of teaching German. Learning with fun and speaking correct is my motto. I have 100% results till date. By teaching all types of age groups, professionals and different levels I have gathered experience of simplifying language to your level of understanding. Learning a foreign language through audio visual methods is worth experiencing.