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Learn any German Course with us and get your


Free Services

Learn any German Course with us and get your


Easy German offers all services free of cost from choosing right course and university to visa acceptance from consulate/embassy. The process seems simple, but one slowly realizes that there are several queries and formalities that need to be considered.

We will provide step by step guidance for the complete study abroad university application process that includes the following key stages thus maximizing your chances of getting admission in the institution of your choice.

Free Services

Speedy and positive response is the result of a well compiled application. We give special attention to every application and make it error free. We will assist you with important aspects of the application such as essays, statement of purpose, grammar, tone, structure content , recommendation letters and best efforts are put into ensuring that students are admitted into the desired university.

If students are planning to study in Germany, then there are certain documents you have to get ready before making any appointment for visa interview or university admission process.

It is necessary to have the clarity regarding all the documents needed for getting admission in any university so that we assist you for each document in the best possible manner so as to increase your chances of getting admission. However, the list of the documents may vary with the universities as per their own criteria.

Courier charges is not included in our free Services.

Germany is lucrative study destination for many Indian students due to the large number of universities, pocket friendly education, and student friendly environment.

Opting for the right course is the primary and the most important task. Since Germany is one of the most desirable education hub across the globe, it offering multifarious programs from which you need to select the most appropriate one. There are more than 17500 courses are available in Germany It is quit Difficult to find one of the best; hence Easy German are here to help shortlist the course you wish to pursue that would best suit your Personal, Academic and Financial Profile and apply free of cost on your behalf in more than 15 university, if you fulfill all specifications necessary for studying in Germany.

Most universities in Germany take admissions twice a year, once in summer and once in winter. The admission dates may vary with universities but mostly for winter, it is January 15 and for summer, it is June 15. So it would be ideal for you to begin the university search three to four month advance as this will give ample time to filter out best possible options.

After university admission, you need to apply for National Visa (student visa) at the German Embassy / Consulate. To be able to file visa, you are required to provide the proof of sufficient funds to cover your living expenses during your stay in Germany. You have to deposit money in advance which is termed as blocked account. When you will arrive in Germany, your money will be given to you in monthly installment.

Please note that the process for the opening of a blocked account takes around 1–2 weeks. You are therefore advised to open the blocked account well in advance.

For blocked account we can approach two banks-Deutsche bank and Kotak Mahindra bank. The second option is exclusively available in India. We will help you with the process to open Block account without any charges.

There is a three way to open block account.

1) Kotak Mahindra bank:

To open a block account in Kotak Mahindra Bank, Basically you directly go to the nearest bank and tell them that you want to open Blocked account for studying in Germany and you will have to give require documents. They will open the account and give you a letter stating the amount blocked. And Embassy will accept the Kotak Mahindra bank letter during the interview but remember the amount should be blocked. To block the account, require documents are below:

2) Deutsche bank:

To open bank account in one of the German banks, visit the nearest Deutsche Bank branch, you can visit any branch in India for that matter. Tell them you want to open the German student block account, they will explain you complete procedure. You will first have to open a savings bank account with deutsche bank India. Take all the documents that are required and then they will take care of you in helping for the rest of the procedure. Once you get the mail from the deutsche bank-Germany, you can transfer the amount to your account.

3) Open online bank account with Fintiba

Fintiba is a specialized company to help international students with their finances in Germany. Before Fintiba, students used to open an account with a lot of paperwork and a little lengthy process.

But now it’s very simple to open an account with Fintiba. You can download the app and register yourself and open your block account in 10 minutes.

Fintiba is a fast, flexible, easy, and cheaper option. Also, they offer a lot of other services than just a block account that includes health insurance and other rental helps students as well.

Our visa preparation service not only includes filling visa application forms, but also ensuring financial documents are in the order as needed by the consulate. We will prepare you for the interview with all questions and answers which is supposed to be ask in interview and give you tips what you should do or what you should not. We are in constant touch with the consulates to ensure maximum success in getting visas.

you are welcome to contact us. We will ensure that your visa application form is correctly filled. It is best to apply for the visa 2-3 months in advance, so you don’t have any last-minute surprises.